The summer holidays are coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time to make your garden wildlife friendly. With some help from the children in the family you can do your bit to help the birds and the bugs that are found in your local area. Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Don’t throw out all of your tree and bush cuttings. Save some and create several small piles of wood around your garden. Allow this wood to rot so the fungi and mosses can grow, bugs just love this kind of environment. For the best bug hotels position the wood piles next to some flowers.
  2. Make a pond. The idea of making a pond might seem a bit daunting but you don’t have to build it too big, mini ponds will make a difference too. A plant tub with gravel and water will do quite nicely, just make sure it’s sunk down in the ground and that you place some rocks around the edge for the animals to use when climbing in and out. You will need to add oxygen to the pond, using either oxygenating plants or a pond filter.
  3. Feed the birds all year round. You’ll need a good feeder for the garden and to keep them clean to help stop the spread of diseases. Try to learn about the birds that are already using your garden and pick a suitable food for those birds.
  4. Build a shelter for the wildlife in your garden. You can add bird or bat boxes and hedgehog homes. Build your own or buy readymade, it doesn’t matter, the wildlife won’t be picky.
  5. Plant lots of flowers around your garden or on your balcony. Plant up the flower beds or pots with lots of different flowering plants as they provide shelter as well as pollen for bugs.

Do you have any good tips on how to increase the wildlife in your gardens or balconies? Come and share your ideas and advice on our Facebook wall.

5 Tips to Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly
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