It’s almost time to stock up on cleaning products and dedicate some of your precious leisure time to spring cleaning. While you’re at it why not treat your amphibian’s glass tank to a bit of a spring clean too? Frogs and salamanders need their soiled material cleaned daily and the substrate also needs to be replaced on a regular basis. A lot of amphibian owners don’t realise that the entire tank needs a regular cleaning too. Every week or two the entire inside should be cleansed with a suitable cleaning product and fully rinsed, and any accessories should have the same treatment too. Sadly this task is often missed.

It’s important to know the care and attention amphibians need before choose to have one as a pet. If you’re buying for your child you will need to ensure they keep up these tasks, or be prepared to do them yourself if you find your child has lost interest.

We currently have a great offer on the new ReptiHabitat Amphibian Kit. You can save 20% on this excellent kit, ideal if the set up you have hasn’t been maintained, is getting old, or if you’re buying a new amphibian for the home. The kit includes everything you need, such as the 10 gallon glass tank, substrate, water conditioner, cleaner, a food and water dish and the beginners guide to amphibian care book. Take a look at the special offer for the full list of everything you’ll receive with the starter kit.

If you’re visiting your local Just For Pets store this weekend, check out the reptile section for everything you need to keep your reptile’s home in perfect condition.

Amphibian Care – Spring Cleaning the Tank
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