Choosing a pet crossword
First choose the right pet, then prepare to welcome them to your home.

As we revealed in the blog a few weeks ago, the nation’s passion for pets doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

And why should it? They provide companionship, fun and proven health benefits and it’s no surprise that they become much-loved members of the family.

Whether you’re experienced in pet ownership, looking to add to your menagerie or considering getting one for the first time, there’s a bit to think about before taking the next step.

Since the Animal Welfare Act 2006 was introduced you now have a “duty of care” to any animal you own. It might seem like common sense but this legislation is, essentially, a list of five things that all pet owners must, by law, provide for their pets so that they are healthy and happy.

Going beyond this, our pet care advice offers a wealth of information on how to care for every household pet from dogs, cats and small animals to wild and domestic birds, fish, reptiles and insects.

Use careful research

The charity PDSA has developed a fun interactive tool to help you make your mind up about what might be the most suitable animal for you to bring into your life.

Once you’ve decided what pet could be joining your family, carefully research where to get one from.

Look up breeders of your desired pet and be satisfied that the seller is genuine. Always try and see the animals at a breeder’s home so you can be satisfied that they are legitimate. We really can’t recommend, for example,  meeting and buying a dog in a car park…

Don’t forget that there are also thousands of unwanted cats, dogs and other animals including birds, small furries and reptiles in rescue centres and shelters across the country, just looking for someone to give them their forever home!

Be prepared to ensure the pleasure of pet ownership
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