Both the RSPCA and the Cats Protection are working to improve the reputation of black cats this Halloween.

The Cats Protection organise an annual National Black Cat Day, which takes place on October 30th.  The aim is to celebrate everything that is wonderful about black cats and encourage potential cat owners to adopt a black cat. You can help by downloaded the Black Cat Pack from the Cats Protection website, donating or contacting your local branch to discuss opening your home to a black moggie. The Cats Protection are encouraging the use of the hashtag #CPBlackCats on social media sites.

The RSPCA also recognise the need to raise attention to black cats. They have recently busted nine myths that are associated with these fine felines. Their response has come after the media reported that black cats were harder to rehome simply because they aren’t as photogenic as cats of other colours.  Owners and fans of black cats are also encouraged to use the hashtag #blackcatlove on social media.

Although black cats are considered to be lucky according to UK folklore many are currently waiting for homes in re-homing centres all over the UK. Sadly, many people think black cats are unlucky, which is one of the myths the RSPCA has been working to bust in their campaign. They don’t bring bad luck, increase the risk of hard times, just like they won’t bring good luck or an abundance of riches.

Cat owners are encouraged to keep cats in on Halloween (especially black cats due to superstitions) and on Bonfire night. It’s also a good idea to ensure that they can be seen on all other nights using reflective cat collars.

Do you own a black cat? Visit Just For Pets on Facebook and share your Black Cat photos on our wall, we’d love to see them.


Black Cat Awareness In Time For Halloween
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