Buying and bringing a puppy home is something that should never be rushed, ever. While an image of a puppy on your Facebook timeline may tug at your heart strings, you could end up regretting your hast later down the line if you buy on instinct. It’s kinder to you and the puppy if you take the time to do the research and ensure you’re making the right decision.

Sadly many owners fail to do this as the heart rules the head. As a result the rescue centres are overrun with perfectly wonderful dogs that ended up in the wrong home through no fault of their own. Today we’re going to share some advice on how to avoid making the same mistake and to hopefully encourage all future dog owners to make the right decision so each puppy placed will become a forever dog from the start.

Which Dog is Going to be Best for You?

Are you prepared for all the work a puppy involves or would an older dog be better suited to you? Think about the time you have available too. Older dogs don’t like being left alone for too many hours but they will be happier than younger puppies, who do need a lot more attention at the beginning. It’s recommended that puppies are not left alone for longer than two hours at a time and you will need to follow them around and monitor their behaviour to avoid accidents and chewing incidents.

Once you’ve decided the age of the new addition you’ll next have to consider the breed. Research long and hard into exercise levels,  size, temperament, energy, characteristics, life span and eating habits of the breed. Pick one that will fit in with your lifestyle, the size of your home and the other pets you already have in the home.

Where to Buy the Dog

Once you’ve decided on a breed the next choice is where to buy the dog from. The ideal option is to visit a rescue centre but you could also buy from a breeder. Do your research if buying from a breeder to ensure they aren’t linked in with puppy mills. Additionally, if buying from a private seller you must be able to see both parents, always insist on visiting the puppy in their own home and use your instincts. while you’re there.

Picking the Right Dog

Never judge a dog by how cute it is, instead pick one that is energetic, healthy and which has the personality and temperament you connect with.  Introduce the puppy to the children and other members of your household and check that you’re all going to be a good match. Rescue centres will allow you to introduce other pets to the puppy before making your decision and respected breeders should be prepared to do the same.

We hope these small tips will help you to find the right puppy for you and your entire family. With research and sensible actions you and your puppy will live wonderful lives together.

Choosing the Right Puppy
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