One of the early challenges of dog ownership is toilet training! Getting it right can be a simple process if you’re organised and prepared – get it wrong and you could be one frazzled owner.

A good routine is key with a puppy. They’ll need to go out first thing in the morning and after they have eaten. They aren’t very good at controlling their bladders so you need to be prepared to take them out every couple of hours while you train them.

The Kennel Club has some useful training advice about the do’s and don’ts that will help you get it right first time when it comes to toilet training.

There are lots of useful products available to help with successful toilet training. A puppy may well have an accident while you are in the process of training so be prepared with some doggie pads to protect your floor.

For untrained puppies or those who urinate while excited disposable diapers may be useful. They are super absorbent and are resealable so won’t stick to your puppy’s fur – so useful if you have to leave your pet for short periods.

Cleaning up after those little accidents is vital if you are to persuade your pet that the corner of the living room isn’t the right place to do their business!

Toilet training corner

If you want to encourage your pet that a corner of your garden is the best place to go, investing in a Pee Post can help. It is treated with a pheromone scent that encourages pets to relieve themselves in a specific area.

As well as protecting your lawn, it also makes cleaning up after your pet a lot easier if they can be trained to toilet in the same place.

The Dog Loo is another useful tool to keep your garden free of dog waste and away from children and other pets. The unit is simply installed in an area of your choice and you dispose of your dog’s poo in the container using the extra long scoop. It does need digging into the garden, but once in place it acts like a compost bin for the waste, so it’s very environmentally friendly.

The unique twist lock lid prevents easy access to the waste and a bioactivator breaks down the waste safely using specially formulated natural enzymes. It is simply flushed away which makes it ideal for use all year round and it also help get rid of smells.

So your toilet training motto is ‘be prepared’! Good luck.

Clever ways to tackle toilet training your puppy
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