There are rumours that a heat wave is heading our way in the coming days. Even if the heat wave never arrives we’re lucky enough to have a spell of finer weather to enjoy, but not all pets find the heat pleasurable. As a responsible pet owner there are things you can do to help your animals feel comfortable and stay safe in the warmer spells of summer. Here are a few steps we recommend:

  1. Start off with the obvious – give your pets access to plenty of water throughout the day and night. When you go for walks with dogs remember to take drinking water with you as well as the poop bags. Keep an eye on the water levels on your hutches and in your vivarium’s too.
  2. Clean out the hutches regularly and keep an eye out for dirty fir as this attracts flies. The flies come and lay their eggs in the dirty fur or on the rabbit skin, which causes flystrike. Many rabbits enjoy a cooling bath so if you see they are dirty (with faeces) make sure you give them a wash.
  3. Plan the walks to coincide with the coolest times of the day. Don’t push your dog too hard in the heat, let them run around but perhaps leave the toys at home especially in very high heat.
  4. Provide your animals with plenty of shade. All animals will want to avoid the direct sunlight so you might need to do some rearranging inside and outside in the garden. Animals such as ferrets are very susceptible to overheating so move their cage but also consider using a fan close by to keep them cool.
  5. Horses can get muzzle burn. Ask your vet about a sunscreen to use to protect the exposes skin. You will also need to move your horse to areas of shade, if there aren’t any in the field your horse is in you’ll need to make suitable arrangements. Remember the anti-fly rug and the fly fringe too.
  6. Never leave dogs or any other animals in cars, even with the window open.

Visit us in store if you have any questions relating to helping your pets remain cool and comfortable this summer.

Cool for Cats – Help Pets Keep their Cool this Summer
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