Pet pampering is appreciated by many animals - photo of cat being groomed

It’s that time of year when you can’t turn on the television without being confronted by long limbed beauties strutting their stuff and competing for the title to be the best. Yes, it’s time for Crufts!

The annual dog show celebrates the best and brightest canines in the world whether they are working dogs, rescue dogs or hero dogs. The one thing they all have in common is they will look fantastic and that will be down to the grooming regime that their owners maintain.

You know how great you feel after a haircut or a pamper session? It feels the same for your pet.

It’s easy to adopt a regular grooming regime with your animals if you have the right equipment. Trimmers, scissors and clippers are a must for dog owners and there are a number of brushes, combs and detangling tools available to keep their coats tip top.

How about a rub down?

Shampoo and detangler can get rid of any of those lingering smells. If time is short, pet friendly rub down wipes are a quick and easy way to give your dog a spit and polish and cologne and spray can get your pet smelling good again.

A weekly grooming session is also a must for longer haired cats or their fur could become matted, leaving them in pain.

Brushes, clippers, scissors, sprays and wipes should be part of your pet’s grooming kits. Small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs also need regular brushing – it not only helps them maintain good health, it’s a great bonding exercise between owner and pet.

You might not be aiming for a ‘Best in Show’ at Crufts, but there’s nothing to stop your pet looking their best at any time of year!

Crufts puts pet pampering top of the agenda
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