Little dog running towards the camera in the park

Last time we looked at bringing some new activity into your dog’s life with agility training.

But if you don’t fancy trying your hand at dog agility – frankly, it’s more tiring for the owners than the dogs – there are plenty of activities you can do with your dog to improve their obedience and build the bond between you.   

Flyball is an increasingly popular dog sport that sees teams of dogs racing against one another over a series of hurdles before releasing a tennis ball from a loaded trap and returning it to its owner.

It’s fantastic exercise for any breed of dog but definitely less strenuous for the owner!

If you have a pedigree dog, dog showing, field or gun dog trials are an option.

Dogs of any breed can take part in working trials , an outdoor activity based on police dog trials or obedience trials, where their ability to obey their owner’s  commands is put to the test.

Impact on diet

Anyone thinking of introducing their dog to a new physical activity should look at the impact on their diet – like us, the more energy they expend the more they may need to consume.

Staff in store will be happy to advise on the range of dog food available and what would best suit your pet, in line with their lifestyle.

Don’t forget our range of treats you can use as training rewards or training aids like clickers and whistles. This is a crucial part of getting your dog to do what you want!

For more information on what kind of activity would best suit you and pet, check out the Kennel Club’s useful activity pages.

Overall, if your dog is young and fit enough and you can commit some time to doing it properly, you could both benefit from some new entertainment that you can enjoy together.

If dog agility is your idea of a nightmare…
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