What is FRONTLINE Spot On?

FRONTLINE Spot On kills fleas and ticks and controls biting lice on both cats and dogs.

Fast acting

  • Kills fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours.

Long lasting

  • Kills fleas for up to 5 weeks in cats and up to 2 months in dogs.
  • Kills ticks for up to a month in cats and dogs.

Water resistant

  • Your pet can swim or be bathed as usual from 48 hours after application.

Use FRONTLINE Spot On regularly to kill adult fleas on your pet.
Treat cats every 5 weeks and dogs every 2 months.

Step 2

Make sure all cats and dogs are treated because each pet can act as a host for a flea infestation.

Step 3

Regularly vacuum your carpets and furnishings and wash your pet’s bedding above 60ºC. This will help to reduce the number of any flea eggs, larvae and pupae.

How to apply FRONTLINE Spot On

Step 1

Make sure you know your pet’s weight so you can choose the right size pipette. Break back the snap-off top along the scored line.

Step 2

Part your pet’s coat between the shoulder blades until you can see their skin.

Step 3

Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze gently to empty the contents on their skin.

You can hug your pet as usual as soon as the site is dry.

Ask for an SQP (suitably qualified person) at your local Just for Pets who will be happy to advise on the best treatment or order online and we will contact you to ensure you receive the correct product for your pet

Dont get caught out with Fleas !

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