Protect pets from ticks and fleas

With summer – or what there was of it – on its way out, you may be forgiven for thinking the nasty critters that like to make uninvited visits to your pets may be going the same way.

But the experts say that dreaded flea is just as likely to put in an unwelcome appearance in the Autumn, especially as we kick start the central heating to warm up our homes.

With all the heat saving mechanisms we now have such as double glazing and thermostatically controlled radiators to keep us toasty, it seems that we have inadvertently created a perfect year round environment for the pesky pests.

So now is the time to make sure you’re ready to stop any flea invasion on your dog, cat or small animal in its tracks!

Different ways to treat

There is a range of different products available to treat any infestation from drops, tablets, collars and spot on medications.  We even currently have special offers on the popular Frontline treatment.

With fleas being able to live for more than 100 days, it’s vital that you tackle the cycle of the flea and treat all animals in your household. You also need to treat all the pet bedding, carpets and soft furnishings in your house as they offer the perfect place for fleas to wait until they strike.

And once you think your pets are clear of fleas, keep up a regular routine of checking your pet and spraying your home to keep the pests at bay. Your pet will thank you for it and you benefit from peace of mind.

Don’t let your guard down on fleas
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