There’s no hiding from the World Cup fever that is taking over the country. Even if you’re not a fan of football it’s difficult not to get caught up in the atmosphere.

After watching so many hours of football each day you’re going to want to stretch your legs a little so why not get your pets into the spirit of things too? Introduce some new toys to play with that are perfect for footy fans as well as the animals themselves. Here are just a few ideas for some World Cup inspired fun with your pets.

Give Your Pets the Run-around

There are plenty of cat toys available and even a ball of wool will get your cat moving for a while. We love the cat treat ball game that will get even the laziest cat up and moving. Place a few treats inside the ball and roll it for your cat to chase around. Every now and then a treat will fall out, encouraging more action! If your cat would rather lie down and watch the television than get up and pounce around try holding the ball in front of his nose so the smell of the treats reaches their nostrils, that should do the trick!

There is a similar ball toy for bunnies too called the Boredom Breaker Tumble n Treat. Again you fill the ball with some rabbit treats and place it on the grass for your rabbit to investigate. Let your rabbits run around in their rabbit run for a while, it’s a great way of keeping rabbits entertained.

Give the Dog a Ball

If you have ever tried to use a football with your dog you’ll probably already know that the football won’t last for long. Normal footballs aren’t really suitable as the rubber or the covering could end up in your dog’s tummy, making them feel unwell or even causing serious harm.  Ancol do a range of different balls, some that will float in water and suitable tennis style balls. These are perfect for some kick around fun with your dog.  Head out to the garden or local park and kick the ball as far as you can for your dog or play keepie uppie and see how many you can do before your dog wants the ball for himself.

Enjoy the World Cup with Your Pets
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