November 5th, the annual celebration of the failed gunpowder plot to assassinate a king, is often the most anticipated day of the year for pet owners, but for all the wrong reasons.

Many animals – cats, dogs and other pets – find the barrage of whoops, bangs and whistles that accompany fireworks very frightening. As Bonfire Night now seems to stretch over more and morecelebration-152950_640 time, it can be a stressful time of year for owners and pets.

If you know your animal gets anxious at this time of year, take steps to create a calm environment for them where they can feel safe. Try and do this well in advance to avoid this becoming a signal to your pet to become anxious. Most importantly, try not to make a ‘fuss’ of your  pet during these times, provide them with dens to hide and feel safe in and keep your behaviour as normal as possible.

Dogs are usually much more obvious with their anxiety than cats with signs including excessive panting, hiding behind furniture, barking and in some cases fouling indoors. Cats tend to hide their feelings very well but can be no less disturbed by the noises. Cats tend to try to find high places to hide, start vertical scratching or urine mark as their more obvious signs of stress.

There is a range of products available to help calm your animals including tablets, drops, sprays and collars.

Calming spray

Calming spray’s that can be used for all pets including cats, dogs, rodents, horses, rabbits, gerbils, other mammals and birds.

It is based on a special blend of essential oils, including Valerian, Vetivert, Basil Sweet, and Sage, and can be used in conjunction with a plug-in diffuser for the best results.

You can spray it on the bedding, carpet, in the car, hutch, stables or horsebox to give a calming but non sedative effect. As well as tackling anxiety issues during the firework season, calming sprays can be used to help with stress in other situations such as visits to the vet or cattery, thunderstorms, travelling in the car, or moving house.

If you’re looking to address problems specifically for your cat, there are products available dependent on whether your pets will tolerate sprays, spot on or drops. Also visit for more a in depth insight into cat behaviour and stress factors.


Fireworks and Your Pets

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