Check out our 12 week Guide Dog Pupdate on our newest Sponsored Puppy – Tara from the Guide Dogs for the Blind to find out how she has been getting on during her first few weeks with her Puppy Walker – Ellen.

Ellen told us that Tara settled into her new home quite quickly and that work has begun on Tara’s basic training already. The first thing on the agenda was toilet training and Tara has almost perfected this ; she’s always clean during the day but still has the occasional accident at night. Despite the odd accident at night , Tara is generally quiet all night and usually sleeps through from 10.30pm until 6.30am, which Ellen is happy about. Tara has been in great health since her arrival, which is always good to hear.

Tara had her second vaccination recently which she wasn’t too pleased about and let out a yelp as the vet gave it to her. The jab didn’t have any lasting effect and she was back to her normal bouncy self immediately after. Prior to her vaccination, Tara was only allowed to venture in areas that other dogs don’t go, or was carried around by Ellen. In a few days time, she will be able to start exploring more of her local environment and we are sure she will really enjoy the new experiences she will encounter. The limitations that were in place before the vaccination didn’t stop Tara and Ellen from getting out about; she’s already been to many shops, supermarkets and even to an MOT test centre, none of which bothered her at all. She also regularly attends Ellen’s daughter’s piano lessons and she isn’t at all fazed by the noisy tunes there.

Tara has been introduced to her collar and lead now; she wasn’t too keen on the collar at first and made this known by scratching at it. She’s happy with the lead though and has been practicing walking on it around the garden and were told she’s actually quite good at it already.

Watch out for more updates on Tara’s progress ! Check out the Guide Dogs Website for more info about the work they do or to donate.

12 Week Guide Dog Pupdate

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