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It’s the American tradition that’s taken our country by storm and as All Hallow’s Eve – that’s Halloween to you and me – approaches, we’ll be getting into the spirit (!) of the seasonal celebration at Just for Pets.

If you want your pooch to join in the trick or treat fun and add a little extra fright factor into your fancy dress, check out our pet jumpers and skeleton coats. We also have a range of toys including monsters, bats and spiders to keep your dog entertained.

If you want your Halloween fun to go off without a hitch, here are five top tips to keep them safe over the scary season:

1. Chocolate is not a treat for dogs. It contains a substance that is poisonous and can cause serious illness, or even death. Make sure sweet treats are kept away from your dog and if you really want to include them, make sure it’s specially formulated doggy chocolate or treats.

2. Lit candles in pumpkins can be a hazard for dogs, cats and other animals. They’re naturally inquisitive and you need to make sure that your pet can’t reach naked flames.

3. Carved pumpkins could also be a snack for a peckish pet so make sure they are kept away from them. It’s not poisonous but could cause an upset stomach.

4. If you’re decorating your house, make sure wires and electric light cords are out of reach from any animal that might be likely to chew on them – otherwise it could turn into a real fright night.

5. Think about how your pet will react to your door constantly opening and closing with strangers in unusual costumes and shouting ‘trick or treat’. Putting your dog or cat away in a secure room will reduce stress for them and also prevent them from potentially escaping through that open door!

Just a bit of basic preparation and thought about the possible pitfalls should mean everyone can enjoy the spooky fun without worrying about your pets.

Halloween fun can include the pets
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