We’re experiencing some quite wet weather at the moment and there’s more to come over the next few days. While this is good news for our water reserves and gardens, it’s not the best news for all those dogs out there that aren’t fans of wet weather. If you have a dog that refuses to go out during wet conditions we have a few tips that can help them to be encouraged to ensure they get the exercise they need and the chance to go to relieve themselves in appropriate spots too!

  • Always go out with your dog in the garden when the rain falls. You can encourage your dog to come out if you put on your raincoat and wellies and go out with them. If it will help your dog consider taking out a big umbrella for the two of you to shelter under until he’s done his business. Once the rain clears treat your dog to a walk to stretch his legs.
  • Prevent your dog from getting wet. Some dogs will be happy to wear a dog coat that is waterproof. Not all dogs need coats but they can be useful especially in this situation. There are plenty of different coats available and you can always head to your local Just for Pets store to try on a few sizes to make sure you pick the right one. In extreme cases your dog might be happier when wearing dog boots.
  • Give rewards to your dog when he does his business outside when it’s raining. Carry a pack of small healthy dog treats in your pocket and let him know you’re thrilled with his good behaviour.
  • Plan walks to use during downpours and try to find routes that are more covered than your usual route. Look for areas that provide additional protection such as covered walkways and roads that are sheltered by trees, bushes and buildings. It’s also a good idea to avoid the muddy fields and stick to the pathways.

Finally remember to give your dog a good rub down with a towel once you get home and reward him with a treat to chew on his warm snugly bed.

Help! My Dog Hates the Rain
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