Wild bird care tips

During the winter our feathered friends benefit greatly from our help. Once the temperatures drop and the ground becomes frozen it’s a good idea to begin lending a hand and feeding the birds that visit your garden. This is a small job that can be given to the children or enjoyed by yourself. There are suitable feeding platforms and tables you can buy. These platforms help to protect feeding birds from predators such as the family cat. Alternatively use a selection of bird feeders situated in safe areas, away from shrubs and hiding spots for other animals.

What to Feed the Birds

Different birds enjoy different foods. Begin by watching your garden and make a note of the visitors you receive. You can attract other birds by tempting them over to your garden with their favourite seeds and nuts too. Some of the common birds and their favourite foods are:

  • Robins – Meal worms
  • Blue Tits and Great Tits – Peanuts
  • Sparrows – Mixed seeds
  • Blackbirds – Fruit

Don’t Forget Water

Birds also need to have a supply of water over the winter for drinking and for washing. Bird baths are ideal but you can also use a small dish with sloping sides. The water should be regularly topped up and checked on very cold days to ensure it’s not frozen over.

Helping out the Birds this Winter
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