National Guide Dog Week

As the nation and Just for Pets stores mark National Guide Dog Week (3-11 October), we thought it would be appropriate to focus on this amazing army of animals and the work they do.

Did you know that every hour, another person in the UK goes blind? That’s an alarming statistic and a guide dog means that when someone loses their sight, they don’t lose their freedom as well.

So here are some stats that we hope will encourage you to support the work of the charity Guide Dogs and help more people with sight loss to live independently:

  • The average working life of a guide dog is five to six years
  • There are nearly 4,800 guide dog owners in the UK
  • Guide Dogs is currently responsible for around 8,000 dogs
  • The charity breeds more than 1,300 guide dog pups each year
  • It costs £5 per day to support each working guide dog partnership
  • The lifetime cost of a guide dog is around £50,000
  • The guide dog service receives no government funding and depends entirely upon public support

Naming puppies

Over the years we have raised more than £30,000 for this brilliant cause, giving us the opportunity to name six puppies and sponsor them for the first year of their life. We are currently on our way to naming puppy number seven!

Staff at our stores across the country will be doing their bit to help raise funds, from leg waxes (ouch!), cake sales (yum!), raffles, photo competitions and free giveaways for your pets.

Please help us by donating in any Just for Pets store or donate online. To learn more the charity Guide Dogs and the works it does, go to

Join us to support Guide Dog Week
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