My days aren’t only focused on writing the Just For Pets blog, I’m also a busy dog owner with two very different dogs. Floyd is an elderly gentleman in his eleventh year.  He’s a border collie, incredibly well behaved and intelligent beyond belief, but he has a few problems too. Floyd has old joints, suffers with stiffness and cramping and he’s also allergic to fleas and grass seeds! So his diet is very important.

My other dog is a three year old Westie x Jack Russell and he’s the opposite of Floyd. He’s stubborn, he can run for England and he’s been a lot harder to train. Booker has no health problems to worry about but he does need decent fuel inside him.  Having said that Booker has sometimes suffered with a grumbling stomach and can produce some horrendous smells despite his small size!

Britcare Venison and Potato Dry Dog Food Review

For the past four weeks both dogs have been on a new diet, Britcare Adult Dog.  From an owner’s perspective Britcare is a super-premium dog food that focuses on quality ingredients. Many brands of dog food rely on fillers such rice, corn and wheat. These cereals are not good for our pets as the cheaper grains can be contaminated with insects and insect carcasses that can cause allergies in dogs, such as atopic dermatitis. Cereals are carbohydrates and dogs have no nutritional requirement for these, they’re just empty calories for the dog. The grains also add to dandruff and itchy skin, loose stools and excess gas.

What the Dogs Thought of Britcare

My dogs are quite picky when it comes to food. I always spend a few days getting their stomachs used to any new brands by adding a small amount of the new food into their bowls before the full transition. Thankfully we had no bad stomachs to contend with and once I placed down their bowls full of only the Britcare Venison and Potato they were more than happy to gobble it down for both breakfast and dinner.


Booker seems to fill up on less food now he’s on the Britcare diet, he often left about a quarter of his food in the morning so I’ve reduced the amount accordingly and now he’s finishing off each meal. As this is a dry food it is important to provide lots of fresh water but as I use a water fountain for the pets this isn’t a problem.  They’re both happy to eat their food, they are both drinking well and in the four weeks I’ve noticed a few benefits already.

  • Booker’s stomach hasn’t made those awful grumbling squelchy noises.
  • He’s not smelling out the room.
  • Floyd has a lovely glossy coat and his skin isn’t as dry as it was.
  • Floyd spent a weekend at the farm and managed not to seize up the whole time he was there, even when sprinting around the fields with his playmate.

Overall I am really pleased with the Britcare and I’m happy that I changed their diet to something that I know will be beneficial to them both on the inside and out.

Britcare Loyalty Programme

If your dogs love Britcare or you’re interested in changing their diet join our Loyality programme, available in store only. If you buy five bags of dry cat or dog Britcare, Petit and Carnilove food you get one free! Ask in your local Just for Pets store for details.

Meet My Dogs and Their New Favourite Food
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