Tara number 6 2015

Meet Tara our latest Guide Dog for the Blind sponsored puppy, we have high hopes for Tara as it takes a great deal of time and training to make the grade as a Guide Dog …..

Did you know ?

It takes 20 months of training, seven years of support – and costs around £50,000 to train a guide dog for the blind. Just for Pets and our customers raise £5000 per puppy to fund their initial training.

Only 75% of trainee guide dogs meet the societies high standards to qualify to become guide dogs.

Unsuccessful puppies are assessed for suitability for other approved assistance dog organisations, offered to their puppy walkers or are re-homed to members of the public.

Sadly every hour, another person in the UK goes blind, which means there is an overwhelming need to train more guide dog puppies and to raise more money.

Guide Dogs receive no government funding and relies entirely on public generosity to fund its services.

Just for Pets get the Guide Dog Tour ! – follow our tour.

Every Just for Pets store carries a Guide Dog Donation point – Donate at a Just for Pets store near you or online

Guide dogs life size box - use

Meet the latest Guide Dog for the Blind sponsored by Just for Pets

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