Dog enjoys his coat being combed

The glossy locks, the bright eyes, the shiny white teeth… no, it’s not Miss World we’re talking about but dog showing!

With events like the National Dog Show (May 7-10 at Staffordshire County Showground) showcasing all that is best in the dog world, it is no wonder that pampering your pooch is a popular pastime for pet owners.

You may think that any dog would look good with a wash and brush up – and they generally do – but to reach the high standard of dog shows, you need to look at the overall health and wellbeing of your dog.

Even if you think your adopted mongrel from a rescue centre may never reach the dizzy heights of the show ring, it’s always worth focusing on three key areas to make sure your pet is looking and feeling its best.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is key to achieving that shiny coat and overall healthy outlook Any issues with diet can reveal themselves in your pet’s appearance as they need certain nutrients to give them their glossiest appearance so it is important to get what you give them right.

You need to consider several things when deciding what to feed your dog – their lifestyle, any allergies, and whether they may benefit from a prescription diet. Staff at our stores are always willing to share their experience.

The correct healthcare is vital – dogs need regular worming and flea treatments to prevent unwanted visitors. Their teeth need attention too, just like ours, to keep them white and bright and fend off gum disease or decay.

Finally a regular grooming routine for your pooch will ensure they stay in tip top condition. You can carry out your own regime at home thanks to the vast amount of grooming products available or take your dog to a grooming parlour.

There are also mobile groomers who can visit your at home so there’s no excuse for not making your pet feel, and look, like a million dollars!

Pampering pets is not just about their looks
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