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Christmas is coming and it’s a time for celebration, good food and great company. The home is transformed with decorations, new festive smells and lots of visitors. Many of us find the festive period a little stressful and the same can be said for our pets. We have gathered some Christmas tips that are designed to help you relieve stress in your pets at this busy time of year, so you’re all able to enjoy it a little more.

Create Space for Your Pets

Most home owners will rearrange the home at little in the run up to Christmas, to make way for the tree if nothing else. While you’re changing things around the home remember to create a quiet safe area for your pets. It should be comfortable and cosy in a room away from all of the activities. Cats like to be up high, so place a blanket or cat bad on top of a cupboard providing it’s secure and accessible. Dogs might like to remain with the family, if so place them a bed in the corner of the room where they can escape to, but place a second bed in another room in the home they feel comfortable in.

Keep the Pets out of the Kitchen

Cooking Christmas dinner and entertaining guests means the kitchen becomes hot and hectic. To prevent accidents remember to close the kitchen door, or use a dog gate to keep the kitchen pet free. Move the water bowl to a different location and encourage pets to stay out of the space with toys or small treats.

Don’t Feed Pets Christmas Food

Lots of the food we eat at Christmas time are toxic to pets. Make sure all your guests know not to feed your animals any food from their plate, the table or any snacks. Clear away any plates and serving bowls from any rooms that will be left unattended and watch out for dangerous foods including chocolates, nuts, animal bones, onions, stuffing and raisins.

Christmas Decorations

It’s difficult to keep animals away from Christmas trees and decorations all together. The best way to avoid accidents or incidents is to supervise all pets around the decorations and to keep the doors closed to the decorated rooms when you’re not present. Think about your pets when decorating the home and place the garlands and other decorations in locations that are out of reach for your animals. Consider adding some new pet toys in the room so you’re able to distract them with more suitable objects when their curiosity gets the best of them.

Pets can be lots of fun at Christmas but remember to keep them safe from harm and to provide them with time out during busy periods in the home. Check out our selection of pet beds and festive toys or visit your local Just For Pet store.

Pet Care Tips at Christmas
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