It is recommmended that your cat is vaccinated against Feline Enteritus, Leukaemia and Infuenza at about 8 weeks of age, a booster should then be given annually to ensure that your cat remains protected.

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Common Illnessess

Ear Mites
Tiny mites that live within the ear can cause acute irritation which will make the cat scratch or rub the ear, thereby damaging the tissue. A small amount of light brown, waxy secretion is normal and necessary to keep the ear healthy, however if your cat is showing signs of irritation or has dark, reddish brown wax in the ear or the ear smells unpleasant, this could indicate ear mites.

Ear mites can be treated by using a lotion that will kill the mites. If in doubt always speak to your vet before treating your cat.

Hair Balls
Hairballs are a common cause of vomiting especially in longhaired breeds and during periods of heavy moulting (spring and summer). They are caused by the cat swallowing hair as it grooms, the hair then accumulates in a solid mass in the stomach and causes irritation to the stomach lining. Regular grooming of your cat can help to limit the amount of hair that they swallow and specialist foods are available that will help the hair to pass through the cats digestive system.

Bites, Scratches and abscessess
Wounds that are caused by fighting will often become infected. This is because, when they are caused by teeth or claws, the wounds are often deep but only have very small openings on the surface which soon close, leaving infection trapped below the skin. Bath the wound at least three times a day and consult a veterinary surgeon if the wound does not heal or an abscess forms as your cat may require antibiotics.

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