The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t just something that applies to us humans – it’s equally important for our pets!

pet food on iron scoopIf you were inspired by our last blog to be more active with your dog, you should also consider a review of their diet to make sure that it continues to meet their nutritional needs. This is particularly important if they have upped their exercise regime recently as they need enough calories to sustain their lifestyle.

Whether you’ve got a cat, guinea pig, rabbit or other pet, periodic reviews of eating habits is always a good thing. Food is fuel to animals and they don’t have the same attitude to eating as we do, where is food is a pleasure and eating is a social activity.

Despite that, most domestic pets will do their utmost to tug at your heartstrings when you’re preparing dinner or enjoying a biscuit with your afternoon cuppa.

Dry diet, wet diet, prescription diet

So, as well as a will of steel so you don’t give in to their begging, what else can you do to ensure your pet’s diet is as healthy as possible?

As with humans, it’s always advisable to check with your vet about any healthy eating plan. They can weigh your pet and check for any underlying medical conditions.

At Just for Pets, we stock a wide range of food to suit your pet, whether they are on a prescription diet or dry or wet food. For small animals to specialist food that meets the needs of puppies and kittens, our staff can advise on what will be the best food for your pet.

We stock leading brands including Royal Canin, Hills and Wellbeloved and different ranges that cater for older pets, animals with food intolerances or special diets.

You can either order online or buy in store. You can also place your order via 01299 252070 and arrange to collect it from your nearest Just for Pets.

Plan your pet’s diet to meet their needs
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