German shepherd puppy being trained how to sit using clicker and treat method

September always signals a flurry of back to school activity in households with children. It means new equipment, new routines and new discoveries – not unlike getting a puppy in fact.

If you’ve recently added a puppy to your family or are thinking of getting one, puppy training is a definite must.  Just like children, they need boundaries and to know right from wrong.

Starting as you mean to go on is the key! Decide on the rules and make sure that everyone in the family obeys them or you may find that all your hard work goes out of the window.

Puppy training classes are great ways of teaching your pet basics commands and also make a great place for them to socialise with other dogs.

Consider investing in a clicker that helps your dog to easily identify when they have done well and are about to be rewarded.

Make training fun

Stock up on bite-sized treats  to make training fun for your pet and increase your rate of success. Another useful tool is a training lead so you can give your pet the chance to practise at a distance without them heading off into the sunset or the next county!

The Kennel Club has useful information on how to get started and find a dog training club or classes here.

It’s not just for puppies that benefit either – if you’ve adopted an older dog or feel your pet could do with some more from training, check out the availability of classes in your area.

Getting the training right from an early age can make the years of ownership ahead far more relaxing because you’ll have a canine friend you can trust and enjoy.

Puppy training – get it right from the start
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