Rabbits need caring homes that fit their needs

With more than 1.3million of them kept in the UK, the rabbit remains the most popular domestic pet after dogs and cats.

Our fascination with bunnies shows no sign of waning, especially among people looking for what they think is a ‘less demanding’ companion. They may not bark when the doorbell rings or need walking twice a day (actually they should be walked at least once a day) but rabbits have complex needs that you need to consider before taking one on as a pet.

They are naturally social animals that normally live in a large group and they’re not designed to live in a confined space like a hutch. You should always have more than one – but make sure they’re neutered or the same sex or there will very quickly be more bunnies than you bargained for!

Rabbits can cover large areas of ground so leaving them in a small hutch all day is not at all good for their physical or mental well being. They need to be able to display natural behaviours so a large run, coupled with a sheltered space to let them take cover from bad weather, is vital to keep them happy.

Rabbits are highly intelligent

What some people don’t realise is that rabbits are highly intelligent and can be trained using a rewards based system. Our range of toys and accessories will stimulate your brainy bunny and help to keep them amused.

If you want to do more research before offering a rabbit a home, there is a wealth of information available from charities like the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, the RSPCA, and Blue Cross.

And if you’ve decided that a rabbit will be a welcome addition to your family, consider rehoming an unwanted rabbit from a rescue centre or a specialist rabbit rehoming charity.

Just like with any pet, you’ll both get more out of your life together if you give it a bit of extra thought.

Rabbits remain popular pets – but they need proper care
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