Labrador retriever puppy sleeping with toy on the bed. New Year

Happy New Year! It’s that time when many of us like to take a fresh look at ourselves or, perhaps, at the way we do things.

Have you ever thought about applying the same principle to your pets though..?

Just like we do, animals tend to settle into a routine in our lives. We can take their habits and their surroundings for-granted, but every now and then it’s a very good thing to just take a minute to re-assess.

How is their bedding? Is it fresh and clean and still comfortable, or has it seen better days, gone all lumpy and reached the point where even a visit to the washing machine isn’t going to fix things? Ponder for a moment how you would feel if your bed wasn’t the nicest place to be…

What about toys and other distractions? We’re usually very pleased with ourselves when we present them with a new form of entertainment and, no doubt, the recipient is chuffed to bits. Though just as we don’t want to watch the same movie over and over, the same toys can get a bit dull and repetitive too.

Break from the old routine

Even the daily routines might benefit from a tweak. Have you got into the habit of the same daily stroll along the same piece of grass verge? If it’s not very fulfilling for you, maybe your canine friend would love to explore a new piece of woodland or towpath – even if it means getting in the car occasionally.

If it feels like there’s something getting in the way of making a change for you and your pet (worried about making a mess of your car, maybe), why not pop into one of our many stores and talk to our team? There’s a very good chance that someone has already come up with a solution to your problem and we have it to hand!

Now is the time to challenge old habits and bring something fresh to your life and that of your pet.

Ring in the New Year changes for your pets too
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