It’s been a glorious summer so far and we have some more heat on the way. This means we have to give all of our animals some extra care to ensure they don’t become too hot and over heat or succumb to heatstroke. Last week we gave you a few tips on taking care of pets during a heatwave but today we’re going to concentrate on fluffy bunnies!

Rabbits aren’t fans of extreme heat so there are a few things you can do to ensure your bunny remains happy and healthy throughout the summer.

  • It’s always a good idea to let your rabbit run around in a rabbit run but it is important not to place the run in full sunlight. Make sure you find a shaded spot for the rabbit run and the hutch and keep an eye on it throughout the day. If you have no shade, move the rabbit indoors or put up a gazebo in the garden. You will need to move it as the sun travels across your garden.
  • Keep your rabbit’s water cool by adding a few ice cubes to the drinking bottle or water bowl.
  • Give your rabbit somewhere cool to lie so they’re able to sprawl out and lower their body temperature. Place the rabbit run on a shaded part of the patio or add a marble square inside the run or hutch but be sure they don’t get left in the sun as they will get far too hot.
  • Groom your bunny each day making sure that the excess fur is removed and that all the matted hair is detangled.
  • Keep your rabbit clean. If you notice they have faeces on their fur or around their backside do wash it off to try and prevent fly strike.
  • Consider letting your rabbit spend time indoors if your home is cooler than outside. Always bunny-proof the room first or use a run in the chosen area.
  • Provide your rabbit with some health vegetables along with their fresh hay and daily diet. Rabbits can eat all sorts of vegetables including: carrots. Green beans, fennel, celery leaves, cauliflower and broccoli.

If you suspect your rabbit has heat stoke you must go and see a vet immediately. Never submerge your rabbit in water as this can cause them to go into shock. You can use a cold wet flannel to damp the ears while you’re on the way to the vets.

If you have any questions on rabbit care please pop in to your local Just for Pets Superstore and speak to one of our friendly staff.

Run Rabbit Run! Rabbit Care Tips for the Summer
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