Sandy has had a bit of a tough life. He was born with a deformity that resulted in his abandonment in his home country of Greece. With bowed front legs Sandy found it difficult to walk, almost walking on his chest, it was heartbreaking to see and obviously made his life difficult.  Thankfully Sandy’s story reached Pat Clark from Mutts in Distress, who made it her mission to rescue him and raise the funds he needed to come to the UK for some life changing treatment.

Mrs Clark first heard of 10 month old Sandy through some contacts from an animal sanctuary in Corfu. She knew she had to do everything possible to bring him over here to receive the vital surgery he required to fix his bowed legs, which were most likely a result of poor nutrition in the womb.

After arriving in England Sandy went to Cambridge where he was operated on for free by Chaim Pilosof at Companion Care Vets. Metal plates were inserted into his legs in order to straighten them, helping him to enjoy free mobility and a happier existence. Sandy has now found a new home with Mrs Clark after two months at the vets, two operations and multiple sessions of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.  He has now settled into his wonderful new home with Mrs Clark’s animal sanctuary in Little Hallingbury. Sandy still has to endure his physiotherapy sessions but he is improving all the time.

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Sandy when he came to Just for Pets Cambridge in April 2014. He came to meet the team and thank them for their on-going support and fundraising efforts on behalf of Sandy. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to meet such a wonderful dog and wish him the happiest life possible in the care of Mrs Clark.

Sandy the Wonky German Shepherd Finds his Happy Ending
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