Show your pet you love them

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones, and your beloved pets too! We have lots of fun suggestions on how to make the most of this most loving day of the year and show your furry friends that they have a piece of your heart.

Quality Time Together

Give your pets some of your precious time with some one on one fuss and exercise. Take your dog for a long walk or on a new walk that they will find super exciting. Play with your pet in the home, take them out of their cages, hutches or vivarium and have a good bonding session.

You could also bring your dog down to your local Just for Pets store and treat them to a new toy, bed or anything else they might need. Don’t forget to ask about our Woof Watchers club while you’re there. Improving your dogs’ diet is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Pamper Session

Not many animals like (or need) to be bathed but a good brushing is often greeting with wagging tails and greatly enjoyed. Grooming is also beneficial to furry animals as it helps them to stay clean and keeps their coat in great condition.

Treats for Pets

A delicious new treat will always go down well. We have Valentine’s Day treats for cats, dogs and other small animals available both in store and here on the Just for Pets website.

A New Plaything

Toys help relieve boredom and stress in pets but they do like to have new ones to play with as old ones can lose their interest. Pick a new toy and spend some time playing with it together, your pet will be over the moon.

Show Your Pets You Love Them
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