If we are lucky enough to enjoy some wall-to-wall sunshine this summer, don’t forget your pets will need ways to cool down.

Chill Out Splash dog pool from Just for Pets
The place for hot pooches to be seen this summer!

All animals – whether that’s dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, or other small furries – need access to shade and fresh water and that’s vital in hotter weather so they can escape from the heat and lower their body temperature. Dogs in particular can find the heat challenging.

When it’s really hot, it’s worth considering the time of day you walk your dog. The hot pavement can burn their pads and cause sores and peeling skin. A good way to test is to take off a shoe, if it’s too hot for our bare feet it is too hot for dogs’ paws. In this case it’s best to walk in the morning or late evening.

And you can never give too many reminders that cars can become ovens within minutes in the sunshine so think carefully before choosing to travel with pets if you cannot take them with them wherever you are going. Carry a supply of water in the car to offer them regular water breaks.

There are also some other fun ways you can help them chill out.

Sun + pool = Happy pet

The splash pool is specifically designed for canine use. Made with extra tough PVC and an anti-slip bottom it’s ideal for enthusiastic doggy paddlers. It also folds down completely for easy storage so can be stored away when not in use.

A squeaky Shark toy is a good accompaniment to wet play and can be thrown into the pool to entice any reluctant pooches into the pool.

Not only will your dog look cool if it wears the Ice Cool Bandana it will also be cool! The specialist technology helps to lower their body temperature while they look fabulous as well.

Encouraging your dog to drink enough water in hot weather can be an issue so there are also toys that you can give your dog that will help them hydrated without realising it.

The Ice Track Dog Toy is a great innovative that encourages your dog to have fun and quench its thirst as it chases the the sphere shape ice balls that he can lick all around the track.

Hydration bones are another toy your pet can play with without realising they are taking on water. Simply soak it in water and the sponge inside retains it so the dog stays hydrated without even drinking.

And if you’ve got an older dog or one who just doesn’t want to play, consider investing in a Breeze mat. It allows cool air to circulate underneath the dog as they lie on it, keeping their body at the right temperature.

For our full Chill Out range, click here – and just add sunshine!

Staying cool when the sun shines
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