Wild birds - a Nuthatch eating seeds from a bird feeder

We all, quite rightly, put a lot of time and effort into our pets, but it’s good now and then to think about other creatures – and right now there’s a focus on wild birds.

The RSPB is asking as many people as possible to give it an hour of their time to track and record the wild birds in and around their homes.

It’s called the Big Garden Bird Watch and it’s the world’s largest wild animal survey, which we can all be part of.

It simply involves taking an hour out of this weekend (January 30-31), keeping a sharp eye on your garden, making a note of the birds you see there and in what numbers and reporting it back to the RSPB.

Wild birds in the country’s gardens

Last year more than half a million people took part and the results revealed interesting facts, such as which was the most common bird in the country’s gardens.

This is also a great opportunity to educate more people about the birds which will make a home on their property if they are given the proper, welcoming conditions. There’s plenty of information on the RSPB’s dedicated pages.

Of course you can make a start on being even more bird-friendly just by popping down to one of our stores or having a browse around the wild bird foods plus the feeders and tables we have available now.

If you give them more reason to be in your garden in the first place, you’ll always be able to enjoy their company!

This weekend be part of the biggest survey of wild birds
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