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Once upon a time, Rover, Lassie or Rex was about as adventurous as our pet names got.

But in the last few years there’s been a new trend in the monikers we give our pets, with more human names featuring among the most popular. You’re more likely to hear a shout for a Daisy or an Oscar in the vets these days – and they won’t be talking to your children!

If you’re struggling for inspiration for your new dog, cat, or iguana, there is a multitude of websites full of inventive and unusual suggestions. It’s obviously as serious a business as naming your firstborn.

For cats, the feline family tree seems to still play a part in naming, with Tigger and Tiger remaining well used but Felix and Kitty ranking in the most common names. Prince, Sandy and Lady, which topped the dog name charts back in the 70s, have given way to the likes of Poppy and Alfie.

Name them something a bit different?

But it seems that some pet owners are abandoning traditional and human pet names for something altogether different.

An American pet insurance company last year surveyed owners about their pet names and it threw up all manner of ‘interesting’ suggestions.

So if you’re getting a new pet, think long and hard about their name – after all, who wants to be calling Captain Pancake or Baron Von Furry Pants out loud?

Come on, Lord Chubby Pruneface – it’s time for your walk!

What’s in a name for a pet?
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