Dog Licking Ice Cream Cone - Happy, but is he healthy?
It might seem kind to share our food with our pets, but we might not be doing them a favour!

It’s well documented that the nation is in the grip of an obesity epidemic and it seems our pets aren’t immune to the battle of the bulge either.

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) estimates that of the UK’s 18 million pets, more than 2 million cats (one in four) and 2.5 million dogs (one in three) are overweight.

That’s a frightening statistic and one that worries the PDSA so much, it runs an annual Pet Fit Club to help the nation’s porky pets slim down.

The charity’s pet wellbeing report contains some startling facts and figures –ones that might make you think twice when your beloved pet is begging for a treat from your plate!

Around 80 per cent of veterinary professionals believe there will be more overweight pets than healthy weight pets in five years’ time.

Four out of five veterinary professionals report having seen an increase in levels of pet obesity over the last two years with regular treats reportedly including human favourites of crisps, cakes, takeaways and also left over scraps.

Biscuits like burgers

It is (excuse the pun) food for thought. Even more so when you learn more about the calorific damage you could be imposing on your favourite canine or feline.

Did you know that one biscuit for a 20lb dog is the equivalent of an average sized woman eating a burger? And 1oz of cheese for a 10lb cat is the same as two and a half burgers for a human?

The answer to pet obesity is the same as it is for us – eat less and move more.

A balanced diet is just as important for your pet and there are healthy and nutritious snacks available that can complement your pet’s daily meal times without putting their waistline – and ultimately their health – at risk.

When pet treats become a problem
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