Nuthatch eating seeds from a bird feeder

As winter sets in and we all hunker down until spring, spare a thought for the wild birds that will still be braving the elements.

Our feathered friends will be doing their best to forage for food on what’s available in trees and shrubs in your garden but it’s naturally in limited supply over the cold winter months.

There are lots of things you can do to give them a helping hand and it’s also a nice way to entice birds into your garden and watch an ever changing tableaux of activity throughout the winter months.

If you want to start feeding birds, try and get into a routine of putting out food and water on a regular basis. This allows the birds to get into a habit of visiting your garden at predictable times.

In severe weather such as frost and snow, feed twice daily if you can, such as the morning and in the early afternoon as birds will need lots of high energy food during a cold spell to survive.

Consider a feeder

Depending on the size of your plot, you may want to consider a bird table or a feeder. Bird tables don’t take up much room but a feeder is useful if you only have a small patch of  garden or a balcony.

A bird table can be combined with feeders to bring a range of wildlife to your back door.
Rather than putting out your leftover bread, wild birds need a combination of seeds, meal worms and peanuts to give them the best kind of nutrition to keep them well fed through the coldest weather.

Our staff are happy to advise you but you can buy wild bird food, seeds and mealworms, and suet fat and pellets, all of which are a feast for birds.

Once you and the birds have got into a routine, adjust the amount of food you leave out so unwanted food doesn’t accumulate on your bird table or in your feeder as that’s a tempting treat for other animals like squirrels!

Wild birds will thank you for a winter feed
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