Kittens are naturally curious. They enjoy exploring, nibbling, biting, eating, scratching and generally running around causing innocent chaos. If you’re preparing to bring a playful kitten into the family it’s worth taking a few tips to prepare your home. Kittens can get themselves into all sorts of trouble so follow these tips and reduce the risks of an emergency trip to the vets.

Kitchen Safety

If a cat sees an open door they will try to get inside so if you don’t already make sure that everyone knows to keep the doors to all appliances closed. Pay special attention to the tumble dryer as this is a warm cosy space that is undeniably appealing to a tired puss.  Cleaning products and medicines should also be locked away – think of your kitten as a small curious child and prepare the kitchen appropriately.


Unstable furniture is a tipping risk, especially as a cat tries to climb off it or uses it as a spring board. Check each room for any furniture that could easily tip over and secure it to the wall or the floor.  Once it’s secure move away any ornaments or trinkets that could be knocked off and damaged.

In the Garden

Once your kitten is appropriately vaccinated and micro chipped and protected from fleas, worms and ticks they’ll be able to venture outside.  Always check that your garden shed is closed and any gaps in the woodwork are boarded up so they can’t venture inside and get into mischief. Read the instructions and warnings on any garden products you have and make sure they’re animal friendly before you use them too.

There are several plants that are toxic to cats but they won’t know this and will happily give them a nibble. Explore your garden beds and remove any plants that are not safe and don’t forget to double check any house plants and flowers you have too.

3 Tips to Keep Your Kitten Safe
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