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‘British summertime’ and ‘hot weather’ aren’t always two phrases that go hand in hand. After all, we are the country that can experience four seasons of weather in one day!

So when the elusive sun does put in an appearance and, if we’re lucky, stays for several days or weeks, you need to be prepared to keep your pets cool as well as yourself.

It’s inconceivable that any right thinking owner would leave any animal in a car on a hot day as they can become an oven for a pet.

Don’t forget that equally applies to a caravan or conservatory. Both places can be real sun traps and attractive to your sunseeking pet – until they start to overheat.

Unfortunately because of the changeable British weather, the sun can catch you unawares and quickly pose a problem for your pet.

If you have to leave your animals home alone for any period, always make sure they have a cool space to escape to and plenty of water. Fish should be kept out of direct sunlight too.

Keeping cool

Walking dogs early in the morning and late at night is the best option and there are lots of fun things in our Chill Out range to help them keep cool.

The Always Cool dog mat is an ingenious invention that stays cool, even on a hot summer’s day. It’s ideal for use at home or if you’re travelling as it doesn’t require refrigeration and is simply activated by pressure from your pet.

If you really want to have some fun with your dog, how about their own splash pool? Hours of endless fun for your soggy doggy and the chance to keep their temperature down.

The full Chill Out range also include toys and  bowls to take the heat off your pet.

Now, where’s that sunshine?

Bring on the sunshine – but make sure your pet is ready for the rays
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