Chameleon in a Santa Claus hat!

It is the season of goodwill and, with more than three quarters of owners expected to be buying presents for their pets, we thought it was time to shine a twinkling, Christmas fairy light on what’s available for animals other than cats and dogs.

From rabbits to reptiles, millions of pet lovers across the country will be wrapping up something special to put under the tree for their beloved animals this year.

If you’re really looking to spoil your small animal this festive season, why not invest in an animal home that can be used in a run or outdoor area? It’s warm and weatherproof – helpful if we have a white Christmas – and lockable to keep your pet secure. It’s even used for tortoises, hedgehogs and small breed ducks.

If that’s going a bit far, why not treat them to a cosy reindeer bed? Cute and Christmassy!

Presents for all

There are Christmas shaped treats or a festive fruit tree made of 100% natural materials to nibble on.

Reptiles may not know it’s Christmas but why should they miss out? Treat them to a new decoration for their vivarium if you don’t want to feel like a Scrooge.

There are toys and treats for birds and a bird table makes a lovely gift for a friend or relative as well as giving a much needed boost for the wild birds that visit your garden.

Happy festive shopping!

Christmas presents for more unusual pets

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