Crufts always reminds us of the importance of a premium food and taking care of your dogs excercise and health needs ! then you too can have a superstar Crufts 2015 dog !

Crufts agility

Providing your dog with the excercise needed to keep him healthy and happy is paramount not to mention keeping ourselves fit,  a family together walk with the dog is a wonderful thing. Find out what is available in your area from the local park to canal paths and hill walking there is always somewhere that is suitable for exercise.

The benefits of feeding your dog the correct amount and type of food can impact on a dogs health – over feeding or feeding an unsuitable food for breed or life stage of your dog can make a huge difference to your dog. If you are unsure of any aspect of feeding your dog ask at your local store as our expert nutritionists are happy to advise and recommend from our great range of dry and wet foods.

Crufts dog show is judged by an expert panel and  Judges are trained to ensure that only healthy dogs win prizes, which in turn encourages the breeding of healthy dogs. Just for Pets is commited to every aspect of your pet from puppy to senior dog we are there to advise on all stages of development and provide a huge range with everything you will need from all your favourite brands.

Best in Show at Crufts will command a staggering 23,000 dogs from all around the UK with standards extremely high and the best of the best to choose from, we don’t envy the Judge ! Last years winner was Jason Lynn with Ricky the standard poodle. We can’t wait to see which breed is crowned Crufts Winner 2015.


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