Foods not to feed dogs at Christmas

Christmas is a time for indulgence and many of us fill our cupboards and fridges up with delicious goodies for the whole family. As we’re indulging it’s often tempting to let our pets try something new but sadly many pet owners end up with very sick pets at this time of year. Many foods that are a treat for us are deadly for dogs and it’s important that you know what’s not safe to feed your dog.

  • Don’t feed your dogs mince pies. The mince pies contain foods that are toxic for dogs, such as raisins. Raisins can cause kidney failure, up to 72 hours after being ingested. They will need to receive treatment from the vet to absorb toxins and flush out the kidneys.
  • Grapes are also toxic and should never be fed to dogs as they cause kidney failure.
  • Human chocolate. Be very careful with all chocolate treats as they can prove to be fatal when given to dogs. Make sure the whole family knows to keep chocolates well out of reach of your furry family members. Plain chocolate is more dangerous and dogs should never be given drinking chocolate either. Signs of poisoning are vomiting, diarrhoea; excessive drinking and they may collapse or have heart failure.
  • Dogs should never be given alcohol or foods with alcohol in it. A sign of alcohol poisoning is vomiting, which can lead to your dog falling into a coma.
  • Chicken and turkey bones are not suitable to give to dogs. The bones are a choking risk and need to be kept out of reach.
  • The Christmas plants that are toxic to dogs are: mistletoe, ferns, poinsettias and spider plants.

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Dangerous Foods Not to Feed Dogs at Christmas
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