Border Collie Dog Catching Frisbee In Jump - play banishes the blues
Play makes for happy pets and keeps the blues at bay

There’s no doubt that the winter blues can have a real impact at this time of year. Long dark days and gloomy weather can make the first months of the year really drag.

But spare a thought for your pets that may also be susceptible to a touch of seasonal sadness.

Vet charity the PDSA reckons more than 2.3 million dogs are regularly left home alone for more than five hours a day, which can affect their mental wellbeing.

Loneliness can also be attributed to destructive and challenging behaviour that no pet owner wants to deal with.

So what can you do to chivvy your pet out of their gloom?

For dogs, regular walks and a change of scene can cheer them up. Just like us, they need new experiences to stimulate them. Our range of accessories features leads, collars, coats, and travel harnesses to help you get out and about more easily.

Play battles the blues

Just because cats aren’t up for a wander around the woods, there’s no reason not to set aside some time to play with them. Encouraging them to get active can give them a huge boost and teasers and chasers are a great way to get your pet involved in play – even the most reluctant cat won’t be able to resist!

If you do have to go out for a lengthy period, make sure your cat has somewhere to watch the world go by and that a dog walker or friend can take your pooch out to stretch their legs. Consider leaving the radio on to provide some background noise to keep them company.

If your pet continues to be out of sorts, ask your vet for advice to rule out any underlying medical condition.

Above all remember, just like you, they benefit enormously from positive interaction and a change to the old routine.

Does your pet get the blues?
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