We have promises of a heatwave here in the UK over the next week. If you put aside the expected thunderstorms that means there’s going to be lots of fine weather for you and your furry friend to get out and enjoy together.  However, it’s important to be sensible. You’re going to need plenty of sunscreen for your outdoor adventures, along with some refreshments and then you’ll need to look after your dog too.

Be Aware of Dehydration and Heat Stroke in Dogs

If you know what to look out for you will be able to react quickly should you spot the signs in your dog or anyone else’s. When dogs have heat stroke they need to go to the vets and have treatment, so if you spot the following signs don’t just ignore them:

  • Heavy panting
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Bright red tongue
  • Thick saliva
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea containing blood

If untreated dogs can collapse, suffer from seizures and fall into a coma before passing away. It’s extremely serious and this is why it’s important to be careful during the extreme hot weather. Use our tips to make sure your dog is able to have plenty of fun and not overheat.

Avoid Walking at the Hottest Times of the Day

Yes it’s glorious weather but plan your outdoor adventures for when the weather is at its coolest, early morning and late evening is best – or even at night.

Take Water and a Bowl for Your Dog

Always pack some drinking water to give your dog on your walks. The portable pet water bottle is ideal as it contains a water bottle and a water tray that is attached to the bottle. The other alternative is to take some water for you both to share by using a canvas travel water bowl. The travel water bowl is foldable and will attach to the lead, your belt or your bag. These items are also excellent for car journeys and to take away on holidays.

Groom Your Dog

Give your dog a good brush down every day to clean the coat and help to prevent skin conditions that are caused by the heat.  If your dog has very long hair that is easily matted consider booking your dog into your local groomers as they will be able to untangle the coat and may suggest a trim.

Look Out for Dogs in Cars

As a responsible dog owner you probably already know that it’s not acceptable to keep dogs in cars on hot days, even with the window open or the air conditioning on. Sadly, some dog owners still leave their dogs in the car and in these cases it’s important that you phone the police. Dial 999 and the police will come to the rescue or provide you with information on how you can help the dog.

Keep Your Dog Out of the Heat

Dogs are at risk of suffering from sunstroke on hot days even if they are under shade. Dogs are unable to sweat and therefore only let your dog outside for very short periods and stay with them.

Dog Days Out in the Summer Heat Wave
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