With the soaring temperatures many of us have been out enjoying the heat wave over the past couple of weeks. Sadly, we’re not the only ones making the most of the warm weather, the fleas have been too. The Blue Cross have been working hard to remind pet owners the importance of protecting their pets from fleas after three kittens infested with fleas and suffering from anaemia died at one of their hospitals in London at the start of July. Yes, fleas can be fatal when left untreated.

Flea Treatments for Your Pets

Animals need protecting from fleas all year round, but it’s even more important during summer as they breed more furiously during the warmer weather. Dormant eggs also hatch once they sense heat, so even if you think your home is flea free it could quickly change into a hive of flea activity. Prevention is better than the cure and there are plenty of treatments available.

Stock Up and Save Yourself a Trip to the Vets

We have a wide range of flea treatments, from over the counter products to products that can only be sold by one of our Suitably Qualified Persons.  However, you can still order your flea treatments such as the Frontline Spot-on pipettes for cats from our website. Place your order as usual and one of our SQP’s will give you a call before your Frontline is dispatched. However, it’s a good idea to visit your vets if you notice your pet is infested or if they are suffering with painful itchy skin, sores or displaying any other signs of ill-health.

You will find many of our flea treatments on special offer right now and you can always pop in to your local Just for Pets store to ask for more advice and information from our friendly and fully trained staff.

Don’t Ignore the Fleas
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