Feeding garden birds used to be a winter activity. Homeowners would put down seed and children would make fat balls with their parents and keep birds topped up over the colder months of the year. These days most people try to feed their garden visitors all year round and for good reasons. Spring and early summer is when the birds breed and by August there are millions of baby birds that need feeding too. This is why the RSPB now encourage people to continue feeding the birds all year round.

There are many birds that rely on bird seed and bird tables, these include sparrows, tits and finches. Other birds, such as the wrens and robins, find it easier to find their favourite insects and fruits, but the addition of a feeding station encourages birds to visit, which is great news for you and for your garden.

Feed Birds High Energy Foods

Birds are very busy during the spring and summer and can suffer from low energy levels if they’re not getting enough food and water. You can help by choosing high energy foods to boost their natural resources. Choose foods such as:

Don’t forget to clean up any old, dropped or uneaten bord food from the table and surrounding area. It’s also important to leave some fresh drinking water for the birds to drink and add a bird bath if you have enough space in your garden. You’ll get plenty of new feathered visitors who will appreciate your bird friendly garden.

Feeding Garden Birds in Spring and Summer
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