With the onset of darker nights and fireworks being set off from now until New Year pet owners may want to take steps towards protecting their pets ……. Fireworks can be a very stressful experience for many pets so here are a few ideas to make nights calmer for your animals.

– Cover the front of your rabbit or guinea pig hutch to muffle noise and glare
from fireworks (an old piece of carpet is ideal) always ensure there is
enough ventilation. Or turn the hutch to face a wall or fence instead of an
open garden. If this is not possible, provide extra hay or straw for your rabbit
or guinea pig to burrow into.

– Cats and dogs will sometimes try to find a place to hide that makes them
feel secure. Do not fuss over them, this is a natural instinct. They are best
left alone until they feel safe enough to come out.

– Some cats and dogs respond well to calming collars and sprays (available
In Just for pets stores and online) which release naturally calming
pheromones.  These products have a calming effect on cats and dogs in
stressful situations.

– Close windows and doors to prevent escape and muffle noise from loud
bangs. Draw the curtains and having the TV or radio on can distract from
the sound of fireworks.

– Keep cats and dogs indoors where possible.

– Micro chip your pet, scared animals may run away – micro chipping is the
best way for your pet to be identified when found and returned to you quickly.

Fireworks and your Pets !

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