Do Animals Need Flea Medication in Winter?


Responsible pet owners take the time to protect their animals against flea and tick infestations during the summer months. Sadly, often the prevention methods stop over winter as many people think that there isn’t a risk of fleas during the colder months. This isn’t the case. Fleas do have a harder time during the winter, but that doesn’t mean your animals aren’t at risk and therefore flea and tick prevention needs to be continued all year round.

When the temperatures drop fleas do find it harder to reproduce, which is why, especially in the past, pet owners have made the decision to stop using flea medications over the winter. However, with central heated houses and milder winters fleas can continue to thrive and do continue to cause problems, irritating animals and settling into the carpets  and soft furnishings of our homes.. The idea of saving a few pounds each month might make the idea of skipping some of the treatments seem appealing, but it’s important to remember how much it costs to treat animals, the home and potential vet visits too if an infestation was to occur. It’s even more vital to continue treatments for any animals that experience allergies.

There are several flea and tick treatments available at your local Just For Pets store and online. We currently have a special offer available on our Frontline 3 and 6 pipette packs here on our online store. It’s a great time to ensure your pet is protected from the parasites and stock up for the months ahead.

Fleas are a Year Round Problem
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