Two cute puppies brothers in a suitcase

As we head towards the last official days of summer, it’s a good time to enjoy getting out and about with your dog before the dark nights and winter weather descend.

The UK is often at its glorious best in August and September as a combination of sunshine and rain do indeed make it a ‘green and pleasant land’.

There can be nothing better than being in the great outdoors with a happy pooch exploring all the sights and smells and now is definitely the time to take advantage of that.

If you fancy getting out and about and discovering a new area, a quick internet search of pet friendly destinations before you leave will pay dividends.

Turn to the web

There are hundreds of websites (like Alastair Sawday’s and this guide from the Telegraph) where you can find pet friendly beaches, restaurants, pubs, caravan parks, attractions and hotels. It’s always worth checking before you leave that your canine companion will be welcome or you might face the disappointment of being turned away at the door.

Whether you’re heading off for a few days or just for a day trip, it’s always worth making sure you’ve got everything you need for your pet and the journey.

If you are staying away overnight, a canvas dog crate is a useful investment.

And if there’s something you’ve forgotten, check out the Just for Pets store locator, so you can drop in and find what you need.

Get out and about before the season changes
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