We work closely with many charity organisations in the UK, including rescue shelters that are constantly on the lookout for suitable homes for their temporary guests.  If you’re considering adopting a puppy or a grown dog here are some tips to ensure you make the right decision.

Don’t Act on Impulse

When you visit a shelter you will find so many great dogs to choose from, but don’t let a cute face make you rush into anything. Before you visit make sure you’re really ready to commit to a dog, that you can afford the costs and that you’re willing to provide a great life for your new addition.

Get to Know the Dog for You

A cute face isn’t everything, it’s important to spend some time with the dog you’re interested in before you commit. Get to know the breed and see if its traits will fit in with your home, family, lifestyle and any other pets you may have. Then speak to the shelter to arrange a few sessions where you can spend some time together, take the dog for a walk and let all your family members meet the dog.

Ask and Listen

The shelter workers will have plenty of advice and knowledge to share with you. Make sure you take the time to ask your questions and listen to their responses. The workers want nothing but the best for the dogs in their care, and that means ensuring you feel confident with your choice and the commitment you’re taking on.

Pets Meeting New Pets

Some shelters will allow you to bring your current pets to the shelter in order to meet the new addition. You might find you experience some issues, but the workers will help guide you through the introduction and offer training or advice. However, not all pets get along and you may need to find a more suitable match, but it’s worth knowing in advance.

The main thing to remember is that these dogs are in need of a forever home. You need to be confident that you find the right breed for you and that you’re ready to take on the rewarding challenges that come with being a dog owner.

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Give a Dog a Great Home
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