Some dogs don’t seem to bat an eyelid when the thunder rolls outside, while others feel the need to bark as loudly as possible or jump on their owners for protection. If your dog isn’t a fan of the summer storms we’ve been having why not try out some of our tips below.

Barking  And Stress Problems

If your dog feels the urge to bark at the storm it can cause stress for everyone in the home as well as the dog. There are a few techniques you can try if you have a barker in the family. The techniques include:

  • Playing music in the back ground. Some dogs are calmed by classical music so see if it will help to distract your dog and calm him down while the thunder rolls outside.
  • Distract using treats. Each time the dog barks throw some treats on the floor. This will hopefully get their attention and help them to stop worrying about the noise outside.
  • Prepare for storms by filling a Kong with a healthy snack or peanut butter (low salt and organic) and putting it in the freezer. As soon as the storm approaches give your dog the kong, it should keep them occupied.
  • Try Adaptil, which is available as a plug in, spray or collars. Adaptil uses the diffusion of pheromones to help support dogs in a variety of stressful situations.
  • Build up a tolerance for storms by introducing recordings of thunderstorms to your dogs. Start off by playing the storm at a low level and gradually increase the volume. While the recording plays amuse your dog by playing together or giving him his food.

It’s worth booking an appointment with your vet if you have a dog that suffers with a severe phobia. These dogs will be experiencing extreme distress each time there is a storm, they may shake violently, try to hide or dig their way out of harm’s way. Other signs of extreme stress include constant pacing, the dilation of their pupils, sweaty paws and not being able to settle down even after the storm. This is an extreme phobia and you may require additional help from a behaviourist to solve the issue.

Help Your Dogs Cope with the Summer Thunderstorms
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