A Syrian hamster playing in its house

You’re reading this because you love pets, so you know there are a multitude of treats and home comforts you can get for them.

Beds, toys, snack treats and other must haves that we want to buy for our animal and aquatic friends come in a huge and fascinating range.A happy pet means a happy owner, though it’s worth considering whether you are creating the right environment for your pet and whether you could improve on what they’ve got.

Basics like beds or cages are a must for dogs to allow them to have their own space to retreat to. Although they probably think they have as much right to be on your sofa or bed, spend some time thinking about what’s best for your dog – do they need a quiet location away from people or do they need to be close to the family at all times?

Cats will sleep anywhere and everywhere but there is a range of cat beds, including the luxurious self heating pads that any cat will love. If the space you provide them with is where they want to be, there’s less chance of them wandering off to find the spaces you don’t know about or can’t get to.

For small furry animals like gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and rats their cages will be the space they spend the majority of time so you need to create a stimulating environment for them.

When their mind and body are active they will give so much back to you in interaction, rather than getting tubby and sitting in a corner all the time!

Keeping them stimulated

There’s everything from multi tiered small animal cages to bridges, tubes and other fun accessories to keep your pet entertained and stimulated for hours!

Exotic pets have very specialist needs and it’s vital to have the right vivarium, heating and lighting equipment for them. Even fish don’t get forgotten with a multitude of tanks, plants and ornaments available.

There’s more to providing for your pet than giving them a bed and a toy. A bit of extra thought now and again about how their environment is impacting upon them will go a long way to ensuring their longer term health and happiness.

As they age or as your home circumstances change, have another look from time-to-time to see they need something else from you. Our experts are happy to talk about this in-store if you have an inkling that a refresh is on the cards.

Home comforts mean a lot to pets too
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